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Personal Online Banking Supported Browsers

It's important to us that your experience with personal online banking is a positive one. Therefore, we focus our support and development on current versions of leading online browser software.

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The following browsers are currently supported:

Level of Support
BrowserInternet Explorer 11 (Settings document)
Level of SupportTier 1 Supported
BrowserMicrosoft Edge (Settings document)
Level of SupportTier 2 Supported
BrowserSafari 11 (Settings document)
Level of SupportTier 2 Supported
BrowserSafari 10
Level of SupportTier 1 Supported
BrowserMozilla Firefox (Settings document)
Level of SupportTier 1 Supported
BrowserGoogle Chrome (Settings document)
Level of SupportTier 1 Supported
Additional Information:
  1. To find out what browser you are using:
    1. At the top of your browser window, click Help.
    2. Select About [browser name].
    3. This will tell you the version of the browser you are using. Compare this version number to the table above.
  1. Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 Supported
    1. A Tier 1 Supported browser means that it is supported and the functionality is tested.
    2. A Tier 2 Supported browser means you may still be able to access online banking; however, complete functionality may not be available.
    3. If you are experiencing issues with a Tier 2 Supported browser, it may be best to use a Tier 1 Supported browser for full functionality.
  1. Embedded Browsers may be supported on their own, but because they are embedded they are considered unsupported.
  1. Please verify that your security settings are set at medium or lower.
  1. If you do not wish to allow third-party cookies, you can add and to your trusted sites.
  1. Online banking may be requiring the "Temporary Internet Files" to be deleted.
  1. Sometimes online banking or Bill Pay need to have old cookies cleared out of your browser's cache to work properly. Delete old cookies, restart your browser, and try signing in to online banking again.
  1. For more information:
Incompatible Browser Versions

Browsers that do not appear on this list should not be used to access ESL Online Banking because they may present a security risk or not support the basic technologies necessary to use online banking.

If you are using an older version of one of the browsers listed above, we recommend you upgrade your browser to the latest supported version.

Using newer versions of your browser helps ensure that you are protected by the most recent security updates and will improve your experience on this and other websites. Please be aware as the internet grows so does the technology around it. Browsers that work today with online banking may become obsolete in the future. Additionally, as new browser versions are released, they must undergo extensive testing to ensure they support the technologies we use. As a result, newly released browser versions may not yet be "Supported."

RequirementEnabled (first- and third-party)
ConfigurationMinimum Screen Resolution for Responsive Content
Requirement320 pixels wide
ConfigurationMinimum Screen Resolution for Non-Responsive Content
Requirement1024 x 768 pixels
ConfigurationPDF Reader (Required for Online Statements)
Requirement Any Compatible PDF Viewer