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Auto Loan

At ESL we offer the flexible loans, great rates, and outstanding service you need to hit the road in style.

I found a great rate, easy application process, and lots of payment options.

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  • Features & Benefits

    No question about it. We can help you buy a wide variety of new or used vehicles from dealers and private individuals. 

    • If you’re buying from one of our participating dealers, you can get ESL financing right on the spot … at the dealership. Think of it as the auto loan version of ‘one-stop shopping.’
    • If you’re buying from a private individual or non-participating dealer, you can lock in your credit approval for 30 days. Which will give you plenty of time to complete your purchase.

    And don’t forget. We can also help you refinance your current auto loan to take advantage of a lower rate. 

    When you come to ESL for an auto loan, you can count on all this:

    • Quick credit decisions.
    • Flexible terms. 
    • Competitive rates.
    • Fixed payments that simplify budgeting.
    • Award-winning ESL service from people you trust.
    • The opportunity to receive cash back because your outstanding loan balances will qualify for our exclusive Owners’ Dividend.* 
    • The ability to make your auto loan payments automatically each month from your ESL checking or savings account. All you have to do is sign up for our popular AutoSweep service.

    Here’s something else you’ll appreciate. We offer low-cost credit life and disability insurance to help you protect your finances.

    A variety of great auto loans. Award-winning ESL service. The opportunity to earn dividends. 

    It’s all part of our effort to answer to you.

    *Qualification for the Owners’ Dividend is subject to eligibility requirements. Payment of a Dividend is not guaranteed.
  • Specifics


    To get an affordable, fixed-rate auto loan from ESL, both the borrower and co-borrower must be ESL members and at least one must be 18 years of age.

    To Purchase from a Participating Dealer 

    • Visit any of these participating dealers to shop for a new or late-model vehicle. When you find the one you want, just ask for ESL financing.
    • The dealer will help you complete your loan application right at the dealership.

    To Purchase from a Private Individual

    • Shop around. Find the vehicle that meets your needs. Then come to ESL and apply for the auto loan you need to complete the purchase.
    • At ESL, credit approvals for auto loans are valid for 30 days.

    Available Loan Amounts 

    The maximum amount you can borrow depends on your credit profile and the age of the vehicle:

    • New vehicles and vehicles from the current model year: Up to 108% of the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), including tax, title, license, and optional warranties.
    • Used vehicles: Up to 128% of the adjusted National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) “clean” trade-in value, including tax, license, and optional warranties.

    Available Loan Terms

    • For new vehicles and vehicles up to one year old: up to 84 months.
    • Two-year- and three-year-old vehicles: up to 72 months.
    • Four-year-old vehicles: up to 66 months.
    • Five years and older: up to 63 months.

    Additional Information 

    • Loan approvals are good for 30 days.
    • The interest rate on your loan will be based on the rates in effect on the day of your application. Learn more about our current rates.
    • Your average monthly outstanding balances for the year qualify for our exclusive Owners’ Dividend.*
    • A $15,000 minimum loan amount for terms over 66 months.
    *Qualification for the Owners’ Dividend is subject to eligibility requirements. Payment of a Dividend is not guaranteed.
  • Rates
    Vehicle Age
    Model Year
    Term in Months
    APR as Low as
    Vehicle AgeNew and Current Used
    Model Year 2016-2018
    Term in Months Up to 66 67-72* 73-75* 76-84*
    APR as Low as 4.09% 4.09% 4.29% 5.54%
    Vehicle AgeTwo-Year-Old Vehicles
    Model Year 2015
    Term in Months Up to 66 67-72* 73-75* 76-84*
    APR as Low as 4.19% 4.19% 4.39% 5.89%
    Vehicle AgeThree-Year-Old Vehicles
    Model Year 2014
    Term in Months Up to 66 67-72* 73-75* 76-84*
    APR as Low as 4.29% 4.29% 4.49% 6.49%
    Vehicle AgeFour-Year-Old Vehicles
    Model Year 2013
    Term in Months Up to 6667-72*
    APR as Low as 4.34% 4.59%
    Vehicle AgeFive- and Six-Year-Old Vehicles
    Model Year 2011-2012
    Term in Months Up to 63
    APR as Low as 5.10%
    Vehicle AgeSeven Years and Older Vehicles
    Model Year 2010 and older
    Term in Months Up to 63
    APR as Low as 7.10%

    Rates accurate as of

    APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates subject to credit evaluation. Actual rates may vary. Lien placed on vehicle. *A $15,000 minimum for terms over 66 months.

    Payment Examples

  • Fees
    Potential Loan Late Fees After Opening Your Account

    Loan late fees vary. Below are the late fees for new loans issued. Contact an ESL Representative by phone at 585.336.1000 or 800.848.2265, use chat banking, or visit an ESL branch to determine your late fee for a loan issued previously.

    Auto Loans
    Late fees of 10% of the overdue payment of interest and principal are charged if we do not received the full monthly payment by the specific number of days shown in your agreement. 
    • For private sales disbursed at an ESL branch or by mail – 15 days from the scheduled due date
  • How to Apply

    Step One: Make sure you’re an ESL member and that you’re eligible for an ESL Auto Loan.

    • To get an ESL Auto Loan, you must first be an ESL member and at least 18 years of age.  If there is a co-borrower, he or she must also be a member and at least one of you must be at least 18.
    • Find out how to become an ESL member.

    Step Two: Complete your application.

    Fill out the ESL Auto Loan application at any participating dealer.

    To buy from a private party or to refinance your current auto loan:

    We look forward to helping you buy your next car with an affordable Auto Loan from ESL.