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Home Equity Line of Credit

Whether renovating your home or paying off higher-interest debt, you’ll have the flexibility to access money when you need it. Plus, the low, 12-month intro rate and convenient support make it easier and more affordable than you think.

1. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) shown is current as of 9/10/18 and is subject to change without notice. The prime rate is 5.00% as of 9/10/18, and rate featured is based on a loan-to-value ratio up to 80% for lines of $100,000 and above. There are other rates available for line limits less than $100,000 and for a loan to value exceeding 80%. This rate will never exceed 15.9%. There is an introductory rate that is fixed for 12 months from the time of closing. At the end of 12 months, the contract rate becomes variable and may increase based on Prime Rate plus your contract margin. Rates are available to new accounts only and are subject to credit approval. Minimum line amount is $5,000. Property insurance and flood insurance, if applicable, are required. 2. ESL will pay all the closing costs and fees in connection with the opening of your account. However, if you close your account within the first 36 months of your account open date, you must reimburse us for the closing costs and fees paid in connection with opening your account. 3. Qualification for the Owners’ Dividend is subject to eligibility requirements. Payment of a Dividend is not guaranteed.