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ESL Mortgage Hub for Homebuyers

Guiding you through an easier home lending experience.

The ESL Mortgage Hub

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The need for both borrower and Realtor to be unified and up to date on the status of a mortgage loan or prequalification is more imperative than ever. With the ESL Mortgage Hub there is no second guessing regarding the status of a loan or waiting for a lender to send you a prequalification letter. The modern self-service functionality provides both borrower and Realtor more independence in the homebuying process.

How to Get Started

Applying for an ESL mortgage online is fast, easy, and completely secure. You can apply for most of our conventional and FHA products, and if you need assistance we’ll be able to view the application you’ve started and assist with questions. You can even give your Realtor access to your ESL Mortgage Hub if you choose. So go ahead — get started now!

Navigation Tips and Tricks

Application Submitted

Once you have completed your online application, you will receive a confirmation email from ESL that your application has been received. You may use the link provided or click here to access the application and view the milestone tracker to see the status of your application. A mortgage originator will be in contact with you, within one business day.

New Task(s) Available

As your application is in review, you will receive emails from ESL when new task(s) are assigned to you to complete. These tasks must be complete for your application to move on in the process.


You will receive an email with a link to your prequalification portal where you can use the calculator to adjust pricing and down payment amounts and print or email your prequalification letters as needed.

Message Center

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the application process, you can write a message in the message center and one of the processors on your application will get back to you. Your Realtor will also have access to this message center and can engage in conversations as well.

We're Here to Help

As always, if you are in need of any support, our knowledgeable team of Business Development Mortgage Originators are available seven days a week to guide you and your homebuyer every step of the way throughout the process. Or you can call us at 585.336.1502 or email us at

Information and Documentation

In preparation for your mortgage application please begin to gather, and be prepared to eventually make available, the following documents:

    • Income for all borrowers – your W2s and tax return will provide this information.
    • Banking information – banking statement information that include bank name, your name, account number, current balance, and 30 days transaction history.
    • Estimate monthly expenses – Write down your monthly expenses like rent, mortgage, utilities, credit cards, and additional expenses.
    • Estimate funds available for down payment (excludes closing costs).
    • Estimate for closing cost, property taxes, and insurance.
    • Purchase contract – if available at application.
    • Inspection expenses – receipt/invoice for any/all inspections, if available at application.