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ESL Mortgage Hub for Realtors

Guiding your clients through an easier home lending experience.

The ESL Mortgage Hub for Realtors

To request access, please contact a member of the ESL Business Development Mortgage Originations team.

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The need for both borrower and Realtor to be unified and up to date on the status of a mortgage loan or prequalification is more imperative than ever. With the ESL Mortgage Hub there is no second guessing regarding the status of a loan or waiting for a lender to send you a prequalification letter. The modern self-service functionality provides both borrower and Realtor more independence in the homebuying process.

How to Get Started

First, borrowers are given the option to give their Realtor access to their mortgage loan status within the ESL Mortgage Hub. You will be added to the ESL Mortgage Hub once your client’s application or prequalification request is complete. Next, you will be able to access your own Realtor portal. For clients who have given their Realtor access using the ESL Mortgage Hub, you will see their application or prequalification status. Features you’ll enjoy include:

  • Track the progress and status of your client’s mortgage applications through visible milestones within the system.
  • Generate prequalification letters at your leisure for your clients.
    • Print on demand, at your convenience, when you need it.
    • Your clients can also generate their own letters and email them directly to you or anyone else.
  • Use the mortgage calculator to determine monthly payment costs.
  • Adjust pricing and down payments for each new property.
  • Communicate in a quick and efficient way with your ESL Mortgage team and your clients through the messaging center.
  • View who is managing your clients loan each step of the way from origination to closing.

We're Here to Help

Should you need any assistance at any time, please reach out to an ESL Business Development Mortgage Originator, call our main number at 585.336.1502, or email us at

Navigation Tips and Tricks

Welcome Email

ESL will add your name and contact information to the ESL Mortgage Hub once a borrower has identified you as their Realtor and opted to give you access to their mortgage status. You will then receive an email from the ESL Mortgage Hub with instructions to activate your account.

You will only receive this email once. As soon as you have activated your account, you will receive all new updates within this portal for any future client applications, provided the client has opted in.

Application Assigned

When your clients submit an application, you will receive an email that a new application has been assigned to you. This email will include a link to direct you back to the ESL Mortgage Hub, where you can view your entire client pipeline.


View your client pipeline from the realtor portal with the ESL Mortgage Hub. You can toggle between clients, view their application milestones, or generate prequalification letters.

Realtor Pipeline screen shot

Prequalification Calculator and Letter

Simply click into your client’s application and you will be directed to the prequalification calculator. Here you can adjust pricing and down payment amounts for each property that your client is interested in. Once you and your clients feel comfortable, you can print or email the prequalification letter at your leisure.

Your clients also have access to their own portal and can generate their own letters and print or email them directly to you or anyone else.

Pre-Qualification Screen Shot Example

Message Center

Your client may use this feature to ask questions of the ESL Mortgage lending team. You will have the ability to view all messages and reply to any message, as necessary. You will only receive message notifications, via email, once your client’s application has reached the closing stage.

Message Center Screen shot

Additional Resources

  • ESL Cash Guarantee1
    ESL offers eligible buyers who have 10% of the purchase price1 and a 700+ verified credit score the option to write their contract free of a mortgage contingency. ESL will provide a cash guarantee that will ensure funds at closing. A cash guarantee for eligible homebuyers provides a competitive advantage that can help secure a new home.
  • Mortgage Solutions
    We know one size does not fit all, especially when searching for the perfect home. With our full suite of Mortgage Solutions, we know you will find there right fit with ESL. From conventional mortgages, grants and discount program, and government loans we want to help your find the solution that fits your needs.
  • Find a Mortgage Originator

1: A 10% deposit is required for this program. Buyer agrees that in the event they default under the Cash Guarantee Agreement and/or the Residential Contract of Sale, ESL Federal Credit Union has the right to acquire the property and use the deposit for its costs and expenses in purchasing and reselling the property. If the value of the property, as determined by an appraisal is less than the accepted purchase price, buyer is solely responsible for paying the difference between the purchase price and the new mortgage amount resulting from the appraisal.