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Business Credit Card Rates

Visa® Business Credit Card

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Description
6-Month Introductory APR
Ongoing APR
(Lifetime Index + Margin)
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) DescriptionAPR for Purchases
6-Month Introductory APR3.99%
Ongoing APR (Lifetime Index + Margin)15.24%
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) DescriptionAPR for Balance Transfers
6-Month Introductory APRN/A
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) DescriptionAPR for Cash Advances
6-Month Introductory APRN/A
Ongoing APR (Lifetime Index + Margin)17.99%
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) DescriptionPenalty APR, when it applies
6-Month Introductory APR18.00%
Ongoing APR (Lifetime Index + Margin)18.00%

Rates accurate as of

As of [current prime rate date], the Prime Rate was [current prime rate]. Please see our disclosure for complete details on the terms and conditions of your ESL Visa Business Credit Card Account.
All APRs will not exceed the NCUA limit at anytime, which is currently 18%. Rates are for new credit cards only.