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Business Credit Card

Get a low, introductory rate. Earn points for valuable rewards. Manage multiple cards with a single account. Those are just some of the reasons why an ESL Visa® Business Credit Card will be a great addition to your business.

A low rate and no transfer fees provide working capital for my growing business.

Apply for an ESL Visa Business Credit Card today.
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  • Features & Benefits
    • Low introductory rate for the first six months.
    • Get additional employee cards with preset limits.
    • Make payments and view transactions in business online banking.
    • Accepted at more than 18 million locations worldwide.
    • Outstanding protection for lost and stolen cards with the Visa Zero Liability Policy.1
    • Earn points on qualifying purchases and redeem them for merchandise, airfare, travel, and other rewards with ScoreCard® Rewards (annual fee).
    • Balances qualify for our unique Owners’ Dividend.2

    1Visa Zero Liability policy does not apply to ATM transactions or to PIN transactions not processed by Visa.
    Qualification for the Owners’ Dividend is subject to eligibility requirements. Payment of a Dividend is not guaranteed​.

  • Specifics
    • Once you open your account, you can make purchases and withdrawals up to your available credit line limit.
    • The daily maximum for ATM withdrawals is $600.
    • All borrowers must be 18 years of age.
    • To activate your card, please call 800.527.7728.
    • To report a lost or stolen card, call 800.754.4128​.
    • To report potential fraudulent transactions on your account, call our Contact Center at 585.336.1000, call 800.449.7728, or use chat banking​.

    Payment Information

    • Your payment is due on the same date each month.
    • If you pay the entire balance by the due date each month, there will be no finance charge on purchases.
    • If you have a balance, your minimum payment will be 2.7% of the outstanding balance with a $25 minimum payment.
    • There are no prepayment penalties on your ESL Visa Business Credit Card.

    Payment Options

    For your convenience, we offer the following payment options:

    • Automatic transfers (AutoSweep) from your ESL business savings or checking account
    • Automatic debits from your checking account at ESL or any financial institution

    You can also make payments:

    • At any ESL branch
    • By calling our Contact Center at 585.336.1000
    • Through chat banking
    • By using business online banking - look for the Make Payments tab when viewing your credit card account information online
  • Rates

    Visa® Business Credit Card

    Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Description
    6-Month Introductory APR
    Ongoing APR
    (Lifetime Index + Margin)
    Annual Percentage Rate (APR) DescriptionAPR for Purchases
    6-Month Introductory APR3.99%
    Ongoing APR (Lifetime Index + Margin)11.49%
    Annual Percentage Rate (APR) DescriptionAPR for Balance Transfers
    6-Month Introductory APRN/A
    Ongoing APR (Lifetime Index + Margin)15.49%
    Annual Percentage (APR) DescriptionAPR for Cash Advances
    6-Month Introductory APRN/A
    Ongoing APR (Lifetime Index + Margin)17.99%
    Annual Percentage Rate (APR) DescriptionPenalty APR, when it applies
    6-Month Introductory APR18.0%
    Ongoing APR (Lifetime Index + Margin)18.0%

    Rates accurate as of

    As of 3/22/18, the Prime Rate was 4.75%. Please see our disclosure for complete details on the terms and conditions of your ESL Visa Business Credit Card Account.
    All APRs will not exceed the NCUA limit at anytime, which is currently 18%. Rates are for new credit cards only.  
  • Fees

    Visa® Business Credit Card Fees

    Fee Type
    Fee TypeAnnual Fee
    DescriptionNo annual fee if you do not participate in the Rewards Program
    Fee TypeAnnual Fee for Rewards
    DescriptionAnnual fee for ScoreCard Rewards® if you participate in the Rewards Program
    Fee$50.00 per year
    Fee TypeInternational Service Assessment
    DescriptionA transaction fee to use your Visa Business Credit Card outside of the United States
    Fee1% of transaction amount
    Fee TypeLate Payment
    DescriptionA fee if your payment is overdue for more than three days from your due date
    Fee TypeReturned Payment
    DescriptionA fee charged if your credit card payment to ESL is not able to be paid due to insufficient funds
    Fee Type Card Replacement
    Description Request a new card to replace an existing card
    Fee Free
    Fee Type Rush Order
    Description Expedite receiving a replacement card
    Fee $15.00

    Fees may change. 


  • How to Apply

    It’s easy to apply for an ESL Visa Business Credit Card:

    We’ll help you complete your application—quickly and easily.